On compassion

The world as we see it today is the sum of the consequences of the small decisions that we all make.
Each little decision is a choice and each little decision will have consequences.
Some consquences are obvious – if you kick a ball towards a greenhouse there’s a good chance that some glass will be broken.
Most consequences are not obvious.
So when we are faced with one of these decisions how do we go about choosing?

One answer is to "cop out" of the responsibility for the consequences by deciding to believe in a supernatural being (call it God) that takes care of the problem for you. Anything that happens as a result of your chioce is in "God’s hand".

Another way is to assert that you will only "look out" for yourself and your family and let others do the same. In this way you can make decisions solely on the basis that they benefit you or your family. (call it the Thatcher method)
With everone "looking out" for themselves a sort of market is created and we all benefit. Well, like all market solutions, it works well for the winners and badly for the losers, and when this method is expanded to a country level, it works very badly for countries not aligned with the US and without a big army.

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