On Lies, Propaganda and War Crimes

I am sure you all have been exposed to the recent ‘soldiers testimonies’ from the Gaza Massacre of 2009.
These are important testimonies, or so I believe, as I hope that in the future they will be used as evidence against the murderous zionist generals and politicians in their trials (can we have them in Nuremberg?). For this reason (amongst other) I gave my testimony regarding the
Assault of Lebanon 2006.

This is only a prologue, the main issue I wish to shed light on is the propaganda covering these Crimes-of-War, and I will use one particular incident to exemplify my argument.

I am sure you can recall the attack on a Gazan school, killing at least 40 innocent civilians, wounding dozens. in this particular incident, the IDF claimed that 1. Qassam rockets were being launched from the school, and 2. two Hamas Fighters were ‘near-by’.
the IDF went Web 2.0 this war, and posted a video on Youtube, as if to support their claims of rocket launch from the school.

However, in that video itself, it is explained that it is a video from 2007, and FROM A DIFFERENT SCHOOL!!

imagine standing in-front of a judge in court, charged with murder, and a photo of you illegally parking your car shown as evidence. You are given the death penalty. Imagine the defendant is not you but your 10-year old child. Imagine your child is not even given the chance of defending himself in court, but rather executed on the spot.

To demonstrate how worthless a Palestinian life is, ask yourself this:

Lets assume that indeed, two Hamas ‘Terrorists’ are near the school. Even better, imagine these two Hamas ‘Evil Terrorists’ are in the school. From the IDF actions, we understand this is a good enough reason to annihilate the school, Hamas ‘Terrorsits’ and anyone else unfortunate enough to be there at the time.
Now, imagine, how would the IDF respond if this school is not in Gaza, but in Tel-Aviv? would they still attack from the sky, killing and wounding everyone, or would they sent their SWAT teams? I think the answer is sadly obvious.

Halutz, Ashkenazi, Mofaz, Ye’elon, Barak, Olmert, Peres, Perez, Netanyahu (partial list) may you all be triad like your Nazi predecessors.


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