On Nested Councils

Just jotting down notes…

I was watching the Z Sessions video by Shalom and Brecher (haven’t gotten to completely finish it yet due to a disc error) but was real inspired by Shalom’s talk.

I like the idea of nested councils federated through higher levels of councils staffed by delegates that are still largely beholden to their local council. I liked the idea of small numbers for councils to better facilitate face-to-face interaction – direct democracy.

At first I was skeptical that it would be feasible. Wouldn’t there be too many layers of federated councils creating static? There are roughly 300 million Americans, 75 million of which are under the age of 18. So assuming we kept political participation in these councils limited to 18 and older how many levels would it take for a country the size of the U.S. if each council consisted of 25 people?

Of course 25 people wouldn’t even take care of one side of my street, but my questions don’t stop there. What kind of facilitation board(s) would be needed to service over 90 million councils – and would they have to be federated? How would we map these councils? To be in the top council would require those 25 people to be actively involved in the five lower councils. How would they juggle that and their regular jobs?

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