On The Reimagining Society Project


The Reimagining Society Project is an attempt to take a pause, reflect on the status of our many societies and to imagine how they can be improved. Critics of the radical left often say we are out of touch with reality or that we offer no solutions. The claim couldn’t be further from the truth. For the most part radical leftists have a keen understanding of the world we live in and this project shows it. It also shows we have solutions and are dedicated to increasing their popular support so that a truly free, democratic and participatory society can flourish.
Here are ten essays I want to share with others. I posted this “note” as a link so that others can “share” it with others on their Facebook pages.
Imagining Intimacy, Family, and Sex in a Better World
By Cynthia Peters
Autonomous Politics and its Problems
By Ezequiel Adamovsky
Imagine and then Act
By Michael Albert
Popular Vision and Vanguardism
By Mark Evans
Animal Liberation and Participatory Society
By Justin George
Overcoming Blind Spots In Left Vision: Participatory Planning
By Robin Hahnel
Bringing La Otra Campana to the Empire
By Michael M’Gehee
Thinking Strategically: Bigger Cages For Stronger Movements
By Milan Rai
Re-Imagining and Recovering Revolutionary Socialism
By Paul Street
From Self-managed Solidarity Unionism to a Self-managed Society
By Tom Wetzel