Organicity. Ending Ecocide

First some definitions:
Organicity has twomeanings:
1. Organicity    =   The philosophy of life affirmation
2. Organicity    =    The philosophy of technological progress in harmony with natural living systems. 
The organism is self activated
The organism responds to its environment in its own way.
‘The organism is both the weaver and the pattern it weaves, the choreographer and the dance that is danced, the poem and the reader’Stephen Rose
The Organic
            The domain of all organisms. The whole biotic community, including  humanity, and the natural environment that sustains it.
The machine
            The machine is any artifact made for human use.
            The machine is activated by an outside controller.
            The machine’s response to its environment, where it exists, is  subject to an outside controller.
The machinic
            The machinic is the domain of the machine (where the machine  dominates)
            The machinic is any ‘apparatus’ of control, such that one entity  controls another, e.g. The State – where government (the controller)   governs (controls) the people.
The global free market economic paradigm has had the following effects:
            1. Explosive increase in quantity and diversity of goods manufactured and shipped to the over-developed world from the  fast developing world.
            2. Disastrous damage to the global ecosystem – due to its treatment  as an ‘externality’ by the profit making system.
            3. Wage and/or debt slavery for large numbers of people.
            4. Health problems affecting over a billion people due to over  consumption of ‘addictive’ fast foods and drink.
            5. Starvation, disease and early death for over a billion other people
            – due to their treatment as an ‘externality’ by the profit making  system.
Human individuals are self activating organisms who are happiest when living and working with their own kind in free association. Whole communities in turn are happiest when living and working in a self activating way – via direct democracy in face to face assemblies.
Human individuals are least happy when ordered around in machinic systems by other humans of a ‘superior’ class or caste.
Ergo, society should favor human scale organic groupings in life and work and strive to contain the Machinic, progressively replacing humans doing mindless repetitive work with machines.
As more and more people become re-connected with each other in organic self-governing communities, both at home and at work, they will naturally choose to re-connect also with and to live in the presence of other representatives of the larger biotic community. In other words free and empowered people will choose to act naturally and that means to restore closeness to the environment in which we all evolved, in preference to the artificial toys and baubles of present day consumerist society. 

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