Ira Woodward: Haiti, Islands, History

I’ve felt for some time that Haiti has historical significance beyond its size. Columbus landed on Hispaniola; Haiti was the first free black republic in history. It changed hands before that between a number of different imperialist powers: Spain, France and since then by the US in all but name. I’ve read that it is Read more…


BURNING UP THE PLANET AND SEARCHING FOR AN EMERGENCY EXIT.   It is said we cannot sustain infinite growth on a finite planet. We have an economic system that must grow – or die. Therefore the system must be changed before the planet becomes denuded of the resources on which our lives depend and we Read more…

Bob Simpson: When the Nuns on the Bus rolled into Chicago

“We are working on voter registration which is an action people can take easily. It’s so important because there is so much big money in our country trying to steer legislation away from the common good.”– Dr. Patricia M. Fishman, Sisters of Mercy Associate Nuns on the Bus? It sounds like a joke. But while Read more…

Radha Surya: Tragedy in Kashmir

Letter to an unknown Kashmiri Dear friend, The stories and images coming out of flood ravaged Kashmir have been harrowing ones even for the observer.  We watched with anguish as your land was laid waste by the flood waters.  We were not among those who rushed over to assist you in person.  But do not Read more…

Vincent Emanuele: The Jihadis Return: Patrick Cockburn’s Indispensable Book on ISIS

Both Iraq and Syria have been destroyed. Their economies, infrastructure, social institutions and cultural artifacts, obliterated. In  Patrick Cockburn’s latest book, The Jihadis Return: ISIS and the New Sunni Uprising,1 he posits that Iraq and Syria will remain in crisis for the foreseeable future, and likely for decades to come. This latest work from the Read more…

Bob Simpson: Run, Karen Run….with Chicago’s working class

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis at the 2014 Mexican Independence Day parade in Chicago  When the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) denounced Chicago’s traditional racism and segregation as “education apartheid” and linked school closings to corporate privatization of schools and real estate speculation, it helped provide a clear narrative that I heard over and over again from Read more…

Peter Bohmer: Changing the World by Taking Power from Below and also Taking State Power, given at Left Forum, New York City, May 30, 2014

Changing the World by Building Power from Below, and also Taking and Dismantling State Power! (Left Forum, NYC, May 30, 2014)

Peter Bohmer: Resistance and Alternatives in Theory and Practise to Capitalist Globalization and Austerity, Septemebr 19, 2014 in Gwangju, South Korea

Resistance and Alternatives to Capitalist Globalization talk given at International Symposium in Globalization and Democracy,  Gwangju, South Korea, September 19, 2014

Ira Woodward: Musings on youtube and cavemen

I am disturbed by the media attention toward hollywood celebrities making political speeches. Dicaprio spoke at the UN climate summit urging world leaders to take action on global warming. Emma Stone publicly encouraged more men to work to stop violence against women. Look, I think it’s a good thing that celebrities have opinions and are Read more…

Deborah Menkart: New Website Launches

In August 2014, a new version of launched to provide greater online access to articles, interviews, and other works by and about Howard Zinn. The new website also offers a comprehensive list of books by Howard Zinn and announcements about events based on Zinn’s work. Before his death in 2010, Zinn was a regular Read more…

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