Tapani Lausti: The Empire of Chaos, Ukraine and Finland

By Tapani Lausti A furious debate is going on in Finland about the implications of the Ukrainian conflict. Anyone unwilling to join the hysteria about Russia’s intentions in Europe is labelled as Putin’s boot-licker. Anyone who points out the destabilizing role of the West, and the US in particular, has to endure personal abuse, as Read more…

The Polemicist: “Holy Bejeezus!”: I Know What We Did This Summer, In Gaza

Go to source We’re now learning that “senior U.S. military officers” were “stunned” at the scale of the Israeli army’s “indiscriminate” shelling that demolished the Shujaiya neighborhood in Gaza on July 21st. A Pentagon report found “11 Israeli artillery battalions — a minimum of 258 artillery pieces …pumped at least 7,000 high explosive shells into the Gaza Read more…

Burkely Hermann: A Transpartisan Consensus

There is a difference between Democrats and Republicans, and both aren’t just as bad, right? No, that’s what some twitter user told me after I said that Democrats are really just Rockefeller Republicans [1], saying that such logic is false equivalency or “where there appears to be a logical equivalence between two opposing arguments, but Read more…

Nasir Khan: The truce between Gaza and Israel

Nasir Khan, August 27, 2014 All the well-wishers of the people of Palestine around the world are relieved to hear about the recent truce arranged between Gaza and Israel in the hope that it will put a stop to Israel carrying out further destruction and massacres in Gaza. Many people have voiced their opposition to Read more…

Nasir Khan: Disarming: Gaza or Israel?

Nasir Khan, August 7, 2014 Palestinians have been under Israeli occupation; they have been frequent targets of destructive Israeli wars and massacres. If common sense can be our guide in this situation than the solution is to disarm Israel and prosecute its war criminals for war crimes and crimes against humanity in ICC. Disarming Hamas? Read more…

Chris Miller: O love, (that dare not speak its name)

Of all the words the our leaders spew One word you’ll rarely hear; it’s true Meaning cloaked, hidden, garbed, ‘Humanitarian’, Aid’, ‘Help'; barbed And wrapped in prickly wire Blood-soaked lies with which they aspire To warp all dialogue to the goal Of endless profit, endless control. You know the word, it’s our addiction, For others Read more…

Burkely Hermann: The gay mainstream

There are groups with lobbyists and corporate sponsors which have the money to give to campaign contributions toward Democratic and Republican politicians to push for legislation on the state and local level. This description may sound a bit like the corrupted lobbies on K Street or those even more established, like the Business Roundtable. But, Read more…

Kim Scipes: “Block the Boat” in Oakland, August 16, 2014

My formal article on the “Block the Boat” mobilization in Oakland, along with some pictures, has now been published on-line at

Radha Surya: PM Modi re-invents himself

Prime Minister Modi’s Independence Day address could well represent the apogee of his spectacular re-invention of himself as a statesman of national stature.  His speech of August 15, 2014 ‘Let’s put a moratorium on Communalism, Casteism’ ( may be viewed in retrospect as the apotheosis of a process that has been under way ever Read more…

Ira Woodward: Ferguson could be my Home

I want to live in Ferguson, Missouri. To know what it’s like to have confidence that the police will protect me from my neighbors, killing them if necessary should they seek to do me harm. To know that my neighbors will protect me from the police, standing at my side to face down the guns Read more…

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