Parecon Organizing in Vancouver

Seeing as how I’m a member of the Vancouver based grass roots group the Van Parecon Collective, I thought I’d post our latest update and announcement to give folks a sense of what kind of Parecon organizing we’re up to in Vancouver. The obvious motivation is to inspire others to take up similar efforts in their own locations… Our announcement list is mostly relevant for those in Vancouver and the surrounding lower mainland. However if you want to stay abreast of our organizing activities and efforts you’re more than welcome to sign up to our mailing list:

This year should see the Vancouver Parecon Collective achieve new
levels of parecon education, advocacy and organizing. So, with that
said, we hope you continue to check us out and maybe even take it
to the next level — getting involved! Now for some updates and

We’ve recently added some new content produced by our collective members
under our "Latest Features" section:

>Print: "The Third Wave & the Third Class", published on ZNet:

>Audio: One of our collective members was recently interviewed for the BC
Institute of Technology’s (BCIT) campus radio:

>Print: "Paths Toward an Anti-Capitalist Liberation", again posted on ZNet:

We have a new message board that we’ve been tweaking over the past few
months, now finally being launched! There you can pose questions to the
Van Parecon Collective as well as discuss parecon and other social spheres
such as Kinship, Community, Culture, Polity and Environmentalism.
Registration is free, quick and easy; so log on and give it a whirl! Go
here: http://sandbox.oracleatbelfry.com/forums/vanparForum

We’ve also updated our blog with a couple items. We have posted an
interview with Michael Albert about his new book "Realizing Hope: Life
Beyond Capitalism". We’ve also posted an item from the hard hitting
progressive news wire The NewStandard about their efforts as a
self-conscience parecon project, "Equal Pay, Balanced Job Complexes and
Other Oddities". All this is available from our homepage, but the direct
link to our blog is: http://www.vanparecon.blogspot.com

We’d also like to announce two new Canadian parecon projects. This brings
the total number of parecon enterprises in Canada up to 5, and 10
internationally! The first new enterprise is "ParIT" an internet
technology collective out of Winnipeg. Visit their web site:

The second new parecon project is "The Underground Cafe" in Fredericton,
N.B. Here is the link to their "about" page which explains their affinity
to Parecon values and institutions:

One more final announcement, on April 22 the Vancouver Parecon Collective
will be presenting two workshops for the "Canada22: Envisioning
Post-Neoliberalism" series held at SFU’s down town campus. Our workshops
will address two questions:

1. What will the world look like after neoliberalism?

2. What social and political structures and events will take us beyond

We’ll make further announcements of this event closer to date. To find out
more now visit their website: http://dgivista.org/Canada22

Vancouver Parecon Collective


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