Progressives Blakout News of Nicaragua Municipal Election, possible causes

Some one may be hearing our plea.


I am so neophyte to this field, that I don’t know what the link with Michael McGehee blog at the end of my blog from last night means.

At the risk of being taken for a presumptuous person, I will assume he may have read it, but I am not so naïve to believe that even if done in solidarity with me, the whole blog was written for my benefit.

Be as it may , if he read it, I’d like to thank him, at the same time explain that I don’t think questioning the progressive writers and reporters reason, for saying nothing about what is happening in the Caribbean basin area, is any manifestation of cynicism on our part.

With Solo, we have listed at least four reasons for which this could be happening. Perhaps Toni was a bit harsh with the advocators of a new social class: the “coordinators” class as being different from the managerial class and yet using the same old way of population control.

I doubt the Znet staff has an editorial board which could be blocking any publication, for reasons other than decency.

Since really I have difficulties handling the uploading programs, I shall write an email to Chris Spannos who is always offering help for those of us “in the bushes“, and directly ask him what are the minimum requirements for an article to show in the Home Page of Znet, which is what most Znet readers use.

I don’t think I have the skills to pass whatever filters might be there, but since contrary to what is suggested to be the second reason, at McGehee blog, for stopping participating in the struggle, I am not a quitter, I shall try my best to squeeze an article of mine on Znet Home Page.

What I have in mind is a general call of attention for writers, sustainers and collaborators of Znet, to consider not doing what normally is done by the mainstream media, if indeed they consciously are doing such a low deed. I mean to block the news from a region, allowing the workers and the people of Nicaragua, to receive collective punishment for whatever faults their government may have. The decent thing to do is to bring up the merits or faults, of actions affecting people of any population, being in America or other continent.

We really don’t want a Caribbean Gaza, and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of correction, as the old refrain says.

I did not pretend advertising my next trip to Nicaragua, I merely was reassuring myself that it was OK to stop writing blogs at the end of this year and to do what I think I do best: to work along with peasants, using their primitive tools which I have been trained to use since childhood, instead of making so many mistakes with computers, only known to me after old age retirement.

Maybe as a stretch, these moves of mine could be considered in the category of Jobs Complex Mix.

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