Progressives Media Blackout, possible causes


Progressives Blackout of Nicaraguan Municipal Elections, possible causes.

It’s not because the "mare nostra" has lose strategic value, that some people here, are not talking of issues related to the Caribbean basin area.

Last week 3 Russian warships after participating in naval exercise alongside the Venezuelan armada, came to the cost of Nicaragua. The Russian Ambassador in Nicaragua declaring the pacific intention of their visit, made an humanitarian donation of $200,000.00 consisting on computers, medical supply and other items.

President Ortega is planning a trip in a near future to Moscow where he will talk with the Russians Government and private enterprises about programs for clean electric production and the construction of a canal across Nicaragua, preserving the soft water reserves of lake Cosibolca and to be bigger that the Panama Canal, which no longer is allowing the transit of larger modern ships.

Also in MSN Latino are reported declarations of Honduras President Manuel Zelaya given to the daily newspaper Al Dia of San Jose de Costa Rica with reference to the possibility of a meeting to sign a declaration of solidarity with Nicaragua and it’s president by all presidents of Central America, protesting the intromission of the US government in the internal affair of Nicaragua, in the same way UNASUR did for Bolivia.

Ortega by his part has given speeches regard a plan for economic, social, political and military security, independent from the US security programs and which ALBA is to take to the Rio Group meeting in Brazil, in which for the first time is to participate Cuba. First is to be presented to UN.

Very reminiscent of the population punishment the Western powers have apply to Palestine for electing Hamas candidate for their government, the US is punishing the Nicaragua people, for voting for FSLN party candidates for municipal governments, withholding $64 millions of the Millenniums Challenge Account for 90 days, in fact stopping the development projects already in progress, therefore taking away the jobs of many, if Nicaragua government doesn’t heed to the demands of the loosing opposition parties.

These are but few examples of activities, demonstrating the strategic importance of the nations surrounding the Caribbean see

If security is understand only in military term, then the Central America and Caribbean area is more then secured by the military might of the US arm forces, which actually includes the 4th Naval Armada redeployed recently, to patrol oceans bathing Latin American nations.

But if by security it is understood the rights of people to live a "decent" life, many thing are of great importance concerning the development of Latin America.

Nothing of these, to this date, have been published her, and again Toni Solo is protesting and trying to explain why the Alternative Media is not responding as should. (Tortilla con Sal Commentary: Nicaraguan elections, the diverse varieties of fraud. 12/14/08, excerpts) …The silence of many progressive international media on the local elections in Nicaragua indicates the dilemma of the progressive managerial classes…(some) by calling (themselves) a "coordinator class" fails to overcome the brute fact that the members of that class do indeed manage limited resources and do definitely control access to those resources… (and leave them) with the perennial managerial dilemma : how to negotiate democratically the difference between what they, the managers, think and want and what the majority think and want (Emphasis added)…Rather than show solidarity with the majority of people in Nicaragua who voted for the FSLN, the managerial class that dominates international progressive media decided to keep quiet…The allegations of fraud are transparent lies. There were indeed prestigious and authoritative international election observers representing electoral authorities from all over Latin America. Various prestigious media repeated the lie that the government did not permit election observers. This falsehood appeared in "the Economist", "the Independent" and on the BBC’s on-line news site. Spain’s "El País" called for foreign intervention. "The New York Times" and "the Guardian" did not repeat the worst of the lies, but nor did they report that the violence was not provoked by the government.

My general intent is not necessary being reporting what is happening in this area, or be critical of the free alternative press, however disturbing may be it’s silent. Rather I will like to try to find, if at all possible, a way to unify the causes of the already large number of crisis, with the object to understand what really is in the back of them, looking for solutions o course.

All those crisis are man made, from the clime changes to the economical meltdowns. Passing through poverty, hunger, education, health, etc. there most be a tread line, which likely originate in a longer than 5 millenniums imperial capitalism, represented now by the "from the top imposed" Globalization.

Due to my clumsiness using computers, I gave a life span of 2 weeks to this my first blog attempt, till 12/31/08. This is OK, because I think no one is reading these disorganized paragraph.

Beside, from the all saying "to each as his needs and from each as his capabilities", I get that I better go back to my minimal land restoration project, which we, I along with 4 landless agricultural labors, are attempting back in Nicaragua.


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