References for TINA Be Damned

I’ve compiled references to most of the sources that Robin Hahnel mentions in his talk, TINA Be Damned, available on ZCom and (with a downloadable MP3), on its orginial location, the New Texas Radical site.

Background Info
Looking Forward: Participatory Economics for the 21st Century, by Michael Albert and Robin Hahnel (South End Press, 1991)

Panic Rules: Everything You Need to Know about the Global Economy (South End Press, 1999)

Economic Justice and Democracy: From Competition to Cooperation, by Robin Hahnel (Routledge, 2005)

Venezuala: Not What You Think, by Robin Hahenl
Article by Hahnel, covereing some of the same topics as this talk:

The Economics of Feasible Socialism, by Alec Nove
"TINA 2"

Jules Voykoff (?)- media analysis of 5 US newspapers’ coverage of Venezuala (could not find)

Websites about Venezuala

Venezuala Analysis, articles by Greg Wilpert and others

Left Green Weekly – articles by Federico Fuentes

MRZine –


Globalization Articles/Books
Robin Hahnel – Canadian Journal of Socialist Studies – Hahnel said, "email me and I’ll send to you" – article on why neoliberal policies have increased global inequality, accelerated environmental deterioiration, distorted development
priorities, and dramatically decreased global economic efficiency and growth rates over the past 20 years

Center for Economic Policy website –

Kicking Away the Ladder, by Ha-Joon Chang
Challenging myths about how rich countries got rich, including Britain, U.S., and others– it wasn’t by neoliberalism, it was by protectionism.
Ha-Joon Chang, "Kicking Away the Ladder", post-autistic economics review, issue no. 15, September 4, 2002, article 3.
full book:
Ha-Joon Chang, 2002. Kicking Away the Ladder. Anthem Press.
Reclaiming Development, by Ha-Joon Chang and Ilene Grabel (Zed Books, 2004)

Democratic planning
Pat Devine:
Democracy and Economic Planning: The Political Economy of a Self-Governing
Society. Pat Devine, Polity Press, Cambridge UK and Westview Press. Boulder, CO., USA, 1988

possibilities for democratic planning:
1) one big meeting vision
2) referendum vision
Paul Cardan – wrote about referendum vision, back in 1957 libertarian socialist position, worker-managed economy. Cardan was also known as Cornelius Castoriadas

Scottish Model

W. Paul Cockshott and Allin Cottrell
operations system analyst and XX at Wake Forest University
Towards a New Socialism, Cockshott and Cottrell, 1993, Spokesman Books,
available online

"participatory budgeting procedures, like the kind used in Porto Alegre, or in Kerala India"

Porto Alegre, Brazil

several links from ZCom on participatory budgeting in Porto Alegre:
The Citizens of Porto Alegre, bt Gianpolo Baiocchi (5/1/06)
description of participatory budgeting in Porto Alegre

Let the People Decide, by Josh Lerner (7/15/06)
article about applying some of the lessons of Porto Alegre’s participatory budgeting in the city of Guelph, Ontario (Canada)

Wikipedia article on Porto Alegre
basic info on city of Porto Alegre (does not mention participatory budgeting at all)

Kerala, India
Wikipedia article on Kerala
basic info on the state of Kerala

Richard Franke – Kerala democratic planning
"world’s leading expert on the participatory budgeting experiment in Kerala, India"

Power to the (Malayalee) People, by Richard Franke and Barbara Chasin (2/1/98)
"In Kerala state, India, an elected left wing government has launched a major campaign to make village democracy a major development mechanism."

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