Remembering the Victims of the Omagh Bombing

My wife was pregnant with twins this time last year and it got me thinking about Avril Monaghan, the woman who died, pregnant with twins, in the Omagh bombing. This is a short piece that I wrote at the time, remembering that tragic day in general, and those hugely unfortunate twins in particular. I’m sharing it here to commerorate these people on the tenth anniversary of their deaths.


Two Who Almost Were

You two then were like our two now
When the big bang banged
But you two now are like our two then
Because the big bang banged
And what did you know of it?
Or what did you care for it?
The cause, I mean –
Not the big bang that banged.

The result for those committed
Can not be considered worth it.
That big bang that banged
For an Ireland that has never been –
Unlike you two who always will be – united.

 - Mark Conroy

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