Sack Nepal Army Chief First

Sack Nepal Army Chief First and Form Govt. Next: Maoist

May 12 – “Peaceful protests must continue, advised the politburo members, to restore peoples’ supremacy, bring the peace process to its logical conclusion, draft the constitution on time, integrate the Militias into the Nepal Army and finally, to institutionalize the Federal Republican Setup”, a Maoists’ leader is quoted as saying by the media. “The meeting also made a decision in favor of holding mass-meet in Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Dhangadi and Nepalgunj, May 17, 2009, to pressurize the President so that he reverses his earlier decision ”, said Mr. Dinanath Sharma, the Maoists’ party spokesperson talking to the media. “In the Katawal issue, with the President not withdrawing from his decision, it is not possible to constitute the next government”, said Sharma adding that any steps to form the government by ignoring the Constituent Assembly body may invite trouble in the country of the highest order. … go to complete original article

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