See Steve Keen and Ann Pettifor discuss ‘The deluded discipline of economics’ at UCL Gustave Wilkes Lecture Theatre on 4th October

Neat, Plausible, and Wrong: The deluded discipline of economics


Views from inside and outside the profession


Steve Keen and Ann Pettifor



4th October, 6.30pm – 8pm

UCL Gustave Wilkes Lecture Theatre


To ensure a place please RSVP to [email protected] or +44 207 723 6940

Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME) www.primeeconomics.org


Steve Keen is Associate Professor of Economics & Finance at the University of Western Sydney, and author of the popular book Debunking Economics.

Ann Pettifor is Director of PRIME, editor of The Real World Economic Outlook, author of The Coming First World Debt Crisis, fellow of the nef and co-author of the Green New Deal.


Debunking Economics – Revised and Expanded Edition by Steve Keen is published by Zed Books, priced £18.99/$34.95, ISBN 9781848139923

For more information, go to www.zedbooks.co.uk/debunking_economics.

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