Seeking Artists and Writers to Promote PARECON in NYC Times Square/Theater District…

The Times Square Alliance Open Call is an opportunity to present PARECON to hundreds of thousands of people who pass through NYC as well as millions of virtual viewers. With some sensitive, well thought-out words, art and music there is an opportunity here to touch the lives of people at both ends of the spectrum as well as all those in between, to help them acknowledge their own fears around money, class, race, etc. and realize the positive nature of PARECON. 

Below I pasted the information about the Artist Opportunity, Requirements and Questions regarding the Times Square Alliance Public Art Program call for art projects and art events in 2010-2012. The due date for the 500 word One Page Letter (explanation of an artistic project) is JULY 15th – right around the next corner!

My thoughts are to use the art space (or move through a number of spaces) to promote the philosophy of PARECON. I have some ideas about how this can be done, but I’d love to work with those of you who are lyricists, poets, artists, media folks and so forth, for your suggestions and hopefully to generate the One-Page Letter and arts presentations. If someone or some group knows about this project and is preparing a PARECON NYC Art Presentation, I’d like to help with it.

I’m a composer interested in both Collaborative Arts and Installation Art. The latter is a form of art that utilizes space and has dynamic qualities of motion or a sense of time, past, present, future. As a composer my skills include a variety of styles, but my interest is working with sound waves that repair the nervous system and change our state of consciousness, essentially heighten our awareness and relax, refresh and invigorate our overall sense of being.

If anyone is working on this project, or is interested in collaborating on such a project, or knows artists who would like to create to this topic – please reply to this blog, or email me directly at [email protected] ASAP.

PS I’ve been a reader of the many books/articles about and fan of Participatory Economics since Michael Albert spoke in Ithaca, NY some five or so years ago. Since then I’ve told countless numbers of friends, family, and colleagues about PARECON. I am thrilled to read how the process has spread around the world and I appreciate all the time and effort so many of you have placed into making that happen.

Times Square Alliance Public Art Program
Letters of Interest for Art Projects and Art Events in 2010-2012
Due on July 15, 2010

The Times Square Alliance seeks letters of interest from arts organizations and artists across disciplines to present contemporary art projects and art events in the public spaces in and around Times Square. In a one-page letter, applicants can propose a single project or series for anytime between September 2010 and December 2012. Artists and arts organizations are encouraged to propose projects that address the unique nature and rich history of Times Square. Projects should be able to have an impact in a space defined by dynamic activity and continuous, competing visual stimuli. Organizations, curators and artists are encouraged to consider how their projects will change or effect the space during the presentation and how the 350,000 people here every day (as well millions of virtual viewers) will interact with the presentation. Public spaces to consider as locations for art projects and events include the new Broadway plazas and Duffy Square in Times Square and other public and private spaces throughout the Theater District, 42nd Street and 8th Avenue. Through its Public Art Program, the Times Square Alliance brings temporary high-quality, cutting-edge art and performance to Times Square’s public spaces, so that it is known globally as a place where ordinary people encounter authentic, ever-changing urban art in multiple forms and media.

Letters of Interest are due on July 15, 2010 and should not exceed 500 words. Applications should include organization history or artist resume plus five images of relevant past work should be attached, along with an image list of titles and descriptions.   Applicants with accepted proposals will be invited to enter a dialogue with the Times Square Alliance.

For complete details on the Times Square Public Art Program, visit



Submissions accepted via email at [email protected]

Submissions should include:

(1)   One-page letter of interest that includes a proposed project or series for   anytime between September 2010 and December 2012. 

(Maximum of 500 words, as a PDF)


(2) A maximum of Five Images, 72dpi JPEGs, no larger than 1024 pixels at longest dimension.

- Please limit each file size to 1MB or below. 

- Each jpeg should have a file name with the artist/organization name, and a corresponding number to image list.   (e.g. JaneCho_2_Untitled.jpg).

- Please note that additional images will be deleted.

(3) Image list with titles, descriptions and dates.

(1-page, as a PDF)

(4) Organization History / Artist resume.



Please join us for an information session and a walk-through of public spaces in Times Square.

Information sessions will be convene at the address below.  Each information session will last about one hour, followed by a 30-minute walking tour of potential sites and spaces within the Times Square District.

Please RSVP with date and time and contact info at [email protected]

1.  Wednesday May 26, 2010 at 11AM (past)

2.  Tuesday June 8, 2010 at 4PM  (past)

3.  Thursday June 24, 2010 4PM   (full)

4.  Monday June 28, 2010 11AM  (full)

Due to an overwhelming response, the Times Square Alliance has added two more information sessions
* NEW * 

5.    Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 4 PM  (full)

* NEW * 

6.   Wednesday, June 30, 2010,  6 PM

Times Square Alliance 1560 Broadway Suite 308 

(entrance is at 165 W 46th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue).



1. Map of Times Square District  (Download PDF)

2. Times Square Arts Program Guidelines  (Download PDF)

3.  Times Square Arts Submission Guidelines   (Download PDF)


    Frequently Asked Questions          

What is the goal of the Times Square Public Art Program?

Through its Public Art Program, the Times Square Alliance brings temporary high-quality, cutting-edge art and performance to Times Square’s public spaces, so that it is known globally as a place where ordinary people encounter authentic, ever-changing urban art in multiple forms and media.

Who is the Times Square Alliance?
The Times Square Alliance is a non-profit organization that works to promote and improve Times Square. The Alliance’s district stretches from 40th Street to 53rd Street west of Sixth Avenue to Eighth Avenue, including Restaurant Row. We co-produce major events such as the annual New Year’s Eve celebration and Broadway-on-Broadway, and self-produce Taste of Times Square, Solstice in Times Square, the Valentine Sculpture installation and the Best of the Buskers performance series. For more information about the Alliance, please visit

What kinds of projects does the Times Square Public Art Program support?
The Public Art Program supports projects in all forms of art, performance, design and emerging new media. The projects must satisfy the program’s mission and criteria, plus requirements of any relevant property owner.   See Times Square Arts Program Guidelines  (Download PDF)

What kinds of projects, artists and organizations has the Alliance assisted in the past?
Since 2005, the Alliance has assisted with presentations produced by Performa ‘09, Creative Time, Hip-Hop Theater Festival, Chashama, Babelgum, Come Out and Play, AIGA/World Studio, Cuban Artists Fund, Theatre for One and the Poetry Society of America. The types of projects include performance art, participatory works, mixed-media installations, gaming, music, theater, dance, sculptures, murals, banners, furniture and video on the giant LED screens. Both emerging and established artists have participated.     See

Are the giant LED screens available for art projects?
The Alliance does not own nor operate any screens in Times Square. Several operators of LED screens have been very supportive of the arts, but the minutes available are very restricted. The Alliance will pursue only a small number of projects for the screens.

Is amplified sound permitted in Times Square?

In general, amplified sound is not permitted in Times Square, but amplified sound can be permitted on a case-to-case within the district.   For more information about noise laws for the City of New York, please visit

Does the Alliance have funding for art projects?
The Alliance has limited funding. We do not give grants to organizations or individuals, but we provide other forms of support and can assist with fundraising. The program focuses on providing access to one of the world’s most prominent the public spaces and assisting with unique services in mass media promotion and event management.

Can the Alliance assist with Fund Raising?
As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the Alliance can collaborate on grant proposals or serve an umbrella for donations related to the specific project. Additionally, we can assist in solicitation of corporate sponsorship for events in some cases.

What services does the Alliance offer to artists, producers, curators or art organizations?
Primarily, the Alliance assists artists and arts organizations in securing access to public space, private property and LED screens. We can also help with permits, community board approval, NYPD approval, event insurance, pedestrian signage, light pole banners, safety barricades, seating and equipment. Our Public Safety Officers stationed throughout the area provide security and public information, while our sanitation crews set up the space and remove any debris at the end. Site managers can hold locations for truck deliveries and pick-up. The marketing department distributes eblasts to tens of thousands including all local businesses and posts to social networking sites with more than 100,000 fans. The Alliance’s public relations consultant, Rubenstein Communications, handles outreach to mainstream print and television coverage. Each year more than 1.5 million tourists enter our Times Square Information Center, where we post updates on current art projects.

Are there any restrictions on the art projects?
In general, the restrictions are no different than any other public space in the City of New York.

Are there any project attributes to avoid?
Parades are nearly impossible to permit. Installations or objects over 10 feet in height or a stage greater than 200 SF require a building permit, which can be expensive and time consuming. The use of amplified sound is restricted and requires special set-ups or locations. Nothing can be sold, though voluntary donations may be solicited. The size of sponsor logos or acknowledgments must be modest in scale.

What are the recommended time frames for installations?
Project installations or performance series should be relatively short. In the public plazas, one to three days is typical with an absolute maximum of 30 days. Murals on buildings or installations in private spaces can be longer in duration but more than 60 days is rare.

What is the Selection Process?
The Times Square Alliance has an Art Review Committee composed of curators, producers, district stakeholders and staff from the City of New York. Once a proposal is recommended by the Committee and is determined to be generally feasible, the Alliance staff will enter a discussion to develop a detailed project with a scheduled presentation.

What is the time frame in which projects happen?

The time frame in which projects are executed varies on a case-to-case basis.  Some projects can take up to one year to execute, while others just a matter of weeks. 


What spaces do you have available for public art projects?
The Times Square Alliance owns or leases no public spaces (except for the Visitor’s Center). The Public Art Program partners with property owners and managers in the district, as well as the City of New York.  Possible publicly accessible locations include the following:

• Broadway Plaza Spaces
• Duffy Square and Military Island
• Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS) including Through Block Arcades
• Vacant Storefront Windows and Ground Level Spaces
• Construction Fences and Scaffolds
• Lobbies of Office Buildings, Theaters and Hotels
• Building Facades
• Billboards and LED Screens
• Streetscape Elements including Planters, Benches, Light poles and Banners
• Mobile Electronics including Cell phones, Laptops, IPods and GPS devices

Securing these locations depends on many factors besides our partnerships with the City of New York and property owners and managers in the district.  Such factors including the nature and duration of the project, and when the project will be executed (between September 2010 – December 2012).


Can I propose an art project for the red staircase of the TKTS booth?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no.  Please do consider the many other spaces in Times Square.  Feel free to walk around the district and explore other options.   You can download maps of the district here:  Download MAP.


Frequently Asked Questions: the Application Process

Is there an application fee?

There is no fee to apply.


I am an artist but do not belong to an organization or gallery.  Can I still apply?


I do not live in New York City / I live outside of the United States. Can I still apply?

Yes. The Times Square Alliance encourages all international artists and arts organizations of all disciplines to apply.


Do you accept collaborations?


How do collaborations submit? 

As a collaboration, please submit as one application. 

Can I submit more than one application?

No.  Please submit only one application.

Can my resume be more than one page?

Yes.  Please submit your resume as a PDF document.

What if I have multiple proposals for executing public art Times Square?

You can submit more than one idea, but please submit one application, no more than 500 words.  

What kind of images are you looking for?  Do you need renderings of my proposal?

Images can include installation views, photographs of performances, renderings, site plans, or video/film stills.  We are looking for relevant samples of your past work. 

Will you accept sample work in the form of audio or video?

No.  Please submit your work in the form of JPEGS. (This can include film stills.)  A link to your website or an online channel is welcome, but the Alliance does not guarantee that the selection panel can review your website in full.

Will you accept sample work in the form of a weblink?

Please submit your work in the form of JPEGS.  A link to your website or an online channel is welcome, but cannot be used in lieu of a submission. The Alliance does not guarantee that the selection panel can review your website.


What is the format of the images?

Please submit your images in this format: 72 dpi JPEGS.  No larger than 1024 pixels at the widest/longest side. Files should not exceed 1MB each.

What is the format of the other materials?

For your letter of interest, your resume, and your image list, please submit the files as PDFs. Files should not exceed 1MB each.


Please read our FAQ section.  Do you have any additional questions?

Please contact us here:

Glenn Weiss, Manager of Public Art and Design:  [email protected]

Ka-Man Tse, Public Art and Design Coordinator:  [email protected]

 ©2010 Times Square District Management Association, Inc. All rights reserved.


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