Sen. Hutchison, Don’t Make Me Puke!

I was not surprised by the Senate’s vote last night.
Nor was I surprised by the rank hypocrisy and non-sense of the Senate falling all over themselves.
But the one comment I heard over and over again was how miraculous it apparently was that – in the midst of a presidential election – the two dominant, nearly indistinguishable political parties could come together so overwhelmingly to agree on something: a bailout for rich, greedy financial companies who consciously put themselves into their own mess.
Personally, I think they made their bed and they ought to sleep in it.
But one of my senators, Kay Bailey Hutchison could barely contain herself:
In my 15 years in the United States Senate, I have never seen a more bipartisan effort in Congress to sit down and come to a real conclusion for the good of our country, putting Republican and Democratic labels aside to say we know that it is our responsibility to save the financial integrity of our country.
Yeah, let me tell you Kay. It is so unbelievable that Democrats and Republicans like yourself could come together to openly “bailout” rich people. (I am obviously being sarcastic.)
One would NOT be surprised to look at the congressional record of how near unanimously the two parties in the Senate (and House) vote on issues of corporate welfare whether it be tax breaks, grants, loans or Pentagon spending that is loaded with pork.
In fact they just voted on the so-called “defense” bill.
What were the votes? House: 392-39. Senate: 88-8 (4 abstained)
In fact I encourage anyone to browse through any Senate vote that deals with helping affluent people and businesses to see if it so odd that the two parties come together.

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