Sign of the Times

  The Blue Water Voice, which is a free weekly that shows up in the mail box uninvited every Wednesday, and apparently supports itself solely through advertising, had three items of interest worth noting on February 3rd. 

  The St. Clair County Sherriff, the Port Huron City Police Chief and a prosecuting attorney are forming a task force to be “proactive and reactive” in combating the problem with increased enforcement and prosecution of offenders. 

  According to the article, 329 children were homeless last school year, but still enrolled in school.  The average age is statistically around 7, which is by school age a second grader.  There are many scenarios, but many single mothers will move in with an abusive boyfriend just to make ends meet, according to the article, but end up back on the street with their children when the abuse becomes unbearable. 

  A complete commentary on how to purchase, safely handle and maintain your firearm.  Quoting a lunch room mom who packs heat, getting trained in firearms is no different than CPR training, offering that “in an emergency, it takes the authorities longer than 3 minutes to get to you.”

  The Michigan Department of Transportation announced the shelving of 250 planned road and bridge repairs due to the lack of funding.

No further comment, just the sign of the times!    

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