Sikkimization Begins: by Mohan Baidya Pokharel

Sikkimization Begins: by Mohan Baidya Pokharel alias Kiran
CC Member Nepal Communist Party-Maoist (United)

May 19 – ..We were playing the role of a forward-looking force, yet the local and foreign reactionary forces could not tolerate our moves to liberate the people. Now in our fresh bid to restore peoples’ supremacy, they want, on the other, the Military supremacy. We have the inner feelings that similar to the past political skirmishes that came to a conclusion through various forms of protests, this time around as well a new form of protest will bring the current political deadlock to an end.. s far as, the integration of Militia into Nepal Army is concerned, we will also achieve the target at any cost. We did our best to achieve our goals while we were in the government. But, the reactionaries continued creating hurdles to attain those objectives. Now, our party president has already resigned from the post of the Prime Minister.. could not resist those reactionary moves.. President further stopped us from taking those needed steps. A totalitarian step was thus imposed upon the peoples’ supremacy.. … go to complete original article

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