Sirota: new wind tech Chinese–produced

A sovereign nation investing its wealth in its domestic economy seems like a no-brainer, especially during a global recession. But in this crazy age of American politics, even that has become a controversial notion.

… Businessweek in 2008 warned that in an America with few domestic purchasing mandates, any economic stimulus—whether spending or tax cuts—would likely "leak" abroad, thus "reducing its impact on jobs here." When congressional Democrats responded in 2009 by trying to expand the meager "Buy America" regulations still on the books from the Great Depression, President Obama opposed the effort. He argued that targeting stimulus dollars at domestic investment would "send a protectionist message."

Following his salvo, Congress blocked the initiative and—big shocker!—a year later, ABC News was reporting that between 54 percent and 79 percent of the money in the stimulus bill's key wind energy program had been spent overseas.–David Sirota, "Is America Too Corrupt To Keep Up?" January 22, 2011, Creators Inc.

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