So Osama Bin Laden is Dead

I remember that the late Howard Zinn reminded us that governments lie.  And, I believe that governments of empires lie more in order to get their foreign policy agenda accepted by their constituents.  Yes, I believe that Osama Bin Laden is dead, but, not killed by these Rambo-inspired Navy Seals.  In my opinion, that whole official narrative was nothing more than Hollywood embellished propaganda and should have been buried at sea along with Bin Laden’s ghost.

Somewhere I read that Americans were the most propagandized people in the world.  They are known throughout the world to consume unsubstantiated information and act out on it without question.  Their corporate media is a powerfully deceptive force.  It is skilled in controlling and bamboozling the minds and hearts of its viewers and listeners.  The corporate media never questions official stories and the Americans never question the media.  So, the illegal penetration into a sovereign nation and the extrajudicial so-called killing of an unarmed man was cheered zealously in the homeland.  There was no guilt about the very act itself being a violation of international law.  The alleged successful assassination was a confirmation of America’s exceptionalism, a feeling of superiority over all the other inhabitants of the planet.   Americans don’t have to obey any law because they are above the law.  They can illegally invade any nation, bomb them, imprison them, occupy their lands, steal their resources, rape them, including children, and kill them with impunity because others have no legal or human rights that Americans can respect.  There is no right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the other.

Americans suffer from cognitive dissonance and serious historical amnesia.  That whole story about the most deadly military force on Earth taking DNA samples of their victim before tossing him in the ocean sounds preposterous.  I mean, come on, was there a qualified medical technician with them during the hustle and bustle of the shootout to make sure the DNA samples were not contaminated? How come the body was immediately dumped at sea?  It makes no sense.  I mean, the most wanted man by the American government was thrown into the sea with only those DNA samples left to identify him.  Hmmm??  The very act of dumping a corpse into the ocean is, however, consistent, as Wikileaks has revealed, with America’s barbaric nature.  Didn’t Osama have a family?  Were they notified?  How come there was no Muslim burial?  After all, the man was dead.  According to the official report he took two shots to the head.

Americans bury their soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery with the 21-gun salute and many other honors even after all the terror they have caused in occupied foreign lands.  Cognitive dissonance occurs when there is an obvious contradiction that exists simultaneously in the mind. Unfortunately, Americans don’t recognize their mental state of conflict because it is fine and dandy for them to terrorize the world, but, when someone else is accused of a terrorist act without proof and a fair trial in a court of law, he is called an arch-villain.  Hence, the Americans must fight until the end of time to rid the world of those that might fight back (the terrorists).

So, how did Osama become the enemy and bogeyman of all Americans and other Western imperialists?  His story is amazingly similar to that of the executed Sadam Hussein, the  previous president of Iraq.  The historical record shows that Osama was an alright guy when he was helping to get the Russians out of Afghanistan.  Similarly, Sadam was fine while he was killing Iranians.  The Americans supplied the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan and Sadam with millions of dollars in military aid.  Once the Russians were expelled from Afghanistan, the Americans needed a reason to move in and set up bases, prisons and what not for all those who might protest their illegal invasion and occupation.  After that horrific tragedy of 911 with all of its unanswered questions, Bush immediately fingered Bin Laden as the culprit.  Bush together with the corporate media was easily able to demonize him along with the Islamic religion in the eyes of the Americans.  Islam, thus, became the religion of terrorists.  Even though many of the families of the victims of 911 and thousands of other experts have found inconsistencies and downright lies in the official 911 document, the demon label stuck.  Osama Bin Laden became the key to execute their pre-911 plans to invade and occupy several oil-rich Middle Eastern countries starting with Iraq.

If I remember correctly, two of the pretexts for the Iraqi invasion were that Sadam Hussein was connected to Al Qaeda, the organization led by Bin Laden, and the other was that Sadam had weapons of mass destruction.  Two huge lies that caused the American invasion of that country starting with the famous “shock and awe” bombing, massive killings, and its eventual occupation.  Do you remember the systematic execution of Iraqi families and small children in Haditha in 2005; the massacre of up to 6,000 civilians in Fallujah in 2004; shootings of unarmed civilians at car stops;  the raping of young girls, boys, women, and men; the breaking into Iraqi homes in the middle of the night to frighten the residents and carry their young men off to prison; the recent Wikileaks report on the helicopter massacre of unarmed civilian pedestrians; and the torture of mere civilians at Abu Graib?  Yes, this is just a small picture of the atrocities exacted on the ‘unarmed’ Iraqi civilians by America’s brave soldiers.  So, based on lies, Americans got to terrorize millions of Iraqi civilians.  Again, think about it!  Is this cognitive dissonance or what?


Returning to my point about cognitive dissonance, according to, it is defined as the feeling of uncomfortable tension which comes from holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time. “Dissonance is often strong when we believe something about ourselves and then do something against that belief. If I believe I am good but do something bad, then the discomfort I feel as a result is cognitive dissonance.”  Americans truly believe that they are the only source for good in the world (American Exceptionalism), but, when they see evidence of their terrorist activities, they suffer cognitive dissonance and often scapegoat others to resolve their mental conflicts.  But, the dissonance remains as we are witnessing from the accounts of Bin Laden’s death.  Don’t disturb the celebrants with that notion!



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