Speaking with people

I have found that in discussions about war and peace between me (pro-peace) and people who are on the fence, it helps tremendously to speak in courteous and civil way. I have been yelled at by activists, and I am active, so I know that even for me, it doesn’t feel good to be treated rudely. Even though the issues are of tremendous importance. If we want people to listen — and we do — then I can’t overemphasize how important it is to be nice, friendly, and most of all upbeat and cheerful. I suggest we use the current negative situations as anchors, and show what potentially better solutions would achieve. It’s just like when something is on sale at a department store. The clerk tells the customer, "this is usually $60, but you can save $25 today." That’s anchoring. So we could say things like "Currently, several hundred thousand people have died in the past four months alone. If we withdraw our troops, the number of deaths is projected to decrease dramatically." That’s just one example, but it’s a tone that keeps people listening and in a conversation. Even if we at least get people thinking about the topics, it’s infinitely better than being brushed off for being enthusiastic to the point of rudeness. Thoughts?

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