Specially Designated Global Terrorist Entities

  Here’s a phrase that’ll wow them come election time
  in November 2008: "Specially Designated Global
  Terrorist Entity." As in whenever Washington goes
  to the trouble of designating X a "global terrorist
  entity" — the treatment it just gave the Lebanon-based Fatah al-Islam one week ago today – X is a Global Terrorist Entity, or SDGTE, therefore.  If not some time sooner: Should the regime decide to sic’ its peerless military upon Iran, say.  Isn’t Iran guilty of "serially killing" America’s soldiers inside Iraq?  Aren’t "we" — to use the State Department‘s first-person plural form – "confronting Iranian behavior across a variety of different fronts"?  Hasn’t a new Iron Curtain — indeed, a "Green Curtain" — descended across this oil-rich region of the world, "dividing the Middle East between Iran’s friends and foes"?  And hasn’t it already been more than four years since Washington initiated a good bloodletting on another continent?  Why then wait 12 or 14 months to launch the next one?  The trigger-finger’s getting pretty itchy.

If one checks the most recent edition of the State Department’s list of "foreign terrorist organizations" (see "U.S. Designates Foreign Terrorist Organizations," April 30, 2007), one will see that neither Iran’s Revolutionary Guard nor Iran’s Al-Quds force (Does such a group even exist?) made their way onto either list, namely the "Foreign Terrorist Organization" list or the "Groups of Concern" list.

But, we now read, the Washington regime stands ready to promote one or both of Al-Quds and the Revolutionary Guard not only to its "Foreign Terrorist Organizations" list.  (There are, I believe, 43 members on this list at the moment.)  But also to the more important — because so much more dramatic-sounding — so much more PR-conscious – "Specially Designated Global Terrorist Entities" list.

Imagine that.

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Update (August 22): Get a load of this image (as shot by Jim Young of Reuters today in Kansas City, MO):

  "The greatest weapon in the arsenal
  of democracy is the desire for liberty
  written into the human heart by our
  Creator.  So long as we remain true
  to our ideals, we will defeat the ex-
  tremists in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We
  will help those countries’ peoples stand
  up functioning democracies in the heart
  of the broader Middle East.  And when
  that hard work is done and the critics of today recede from memory, the cause of freedom will be stronger, a vital region will be brighter, and the American people will be safer. Thank you, and God bless. (Applause.)" ("President Bush Attends Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention, Discusses War on Terror," White House Office of the Press Secretary, August 22, 2007.)   

Looking over this image, I can’t make up my mind whether the photographer worships his subject matter, or holds him in contempt?  Based on the image alone, one can make both cases. – What do you think?

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