Stossel stars for Right

‘Journalist’ John Stossel joins Right

to target Dems at Wis. town halls

ABC’s supposedly objective co-anchor of 20/20, John Stossel, will be headlining three bogus town

hall meetings on health care targeting Democratic congresspeople Tammy  Baldwin and David Obey, along with Blue Dog Ron Kind.

Lately, Kind has seemed more loyal to his masters in the insurance and drug industries than his constituents.But  Americans for Prosperity, headed by former Cong. Dick Armey, seek to push him even further to the right.

And John Stossel will be a key part of the effort to undermine Wisconsin Democrats, bringing his start power to three Wisconsin meetings.

It is stunning that the "journalist" Stossel, who is notorious for his authoritative but demonstrably false claims about the miracles of the free market, is permitted by ABC to take such an active role in

campaigning against healthcare reform and to work so closely with a Republican front group. (Americans for Prosperity’s Wisconsin web page includes a photo of Republican National Chair Michael Steele receiving a Ronald Reagan award.)

For an accounting of Stossel’s ongoing campaign against truth in his broadcasts, look him up at


. and go through the archives of EXTRA! You’ll read about two ABC producers who quit working with Stossel because of his ideology-driven lies, and his incessant yet inaccurate defenses of corporate abuses.

ABC should hear from all of us about this blatant contravention of their "fair and objective" journalistic standards.

Here’s the link to Americans For Prosperity:



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