Tahrir Square Book Fair announced!

After the cancellation of the Cairo book fair, the Tahrir Square book fair is planned to take place at the end of March.

Long repressed authors and publishers, both from Egypt and elsewhere, are anticipating " new era in publishing"in the newly liberated Egypt.

The Bookseller.com report:

- 'Trevor Naylor, associate director of sales, marketing and distribution at AUC Press, said the atmosphere was one of elation. "Many Egyptian stores opened up again on Sunday for the first time, the atmosphere is absolutely wonderful not least because the Egyptians themselves are happy about the change. For a long time we had armoured tanks parked outside the store. There was no point in opening because no one could get in—and when there are one million people outside your door you do get a little nervous.

"We are hopeful now that what has happened will have a positive effect on education, and publishers and booksellers will have more freedom to sell books. There will also be so many stories people will want to tell about what has happened here—that will mean more books."'

Of particular interest to Zed Readers, Nawal El Saadawi, who was present at Tahrir square during the revolution and whose books were repressed by the Mubarak regime, will now be freely distributed, promoted and read in her Native country!

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