Tent talk: “Giving up money” – OccupyLSX Outlaw ‘No Name’

Over the coming months, we would like to pay homage to some of the characters kipping on the concrete at Occupy London Stock Exchange. Tonight, we met someone, who claims to lead the life of a true outlaw. A man who takes thinking outside the box (something we’re very much preoccupied with) to the extreme. Let us introduce “No Name,” our friend who will not be shackled to the system by two types of paper: money and a birth certificate.

LB: So, we were intrigued by your employment of common law.

Yeah, so for example, if I get arrested and go to the police station, it will go round and round in circles with getting asked the same questions. Date of Birth? I say ‘I cannot tell you that information.’ I do not sign anything in a police station because that’s a contract. If it does go to court, I stand there and say ‘I’m here as a friend of the court. I believe there has been a mistake. I wish to seek remedy in the way of a proper notice.’ And If they ask for a name – which they do – I say ‘do you require the name on the birth certificate?’ To which they will say yes. I will say ‘If it says on the birth certificate ‘Crown Copyright,’ how can I be liable for anything the crown claim to own?’ So if the crown own that name, it’s not yours. If you claim to be that name then you’re liable, if you’re claiming to be that name on the birth certificate, all statutes and acts are acting upon that person. The law society has got its own language which looks and sounds like English but it’s not at all. Just like the word ‘person,’ actually means corporation. So when you’re admitting to being a person, and giving a name, you’re admitting to be a corporation that they can act upon and commerce.

So if you stand there and say that you’re a friend of the court, and there’s been a mistake and you wish to seek remedy in a way of proper notice, ‘a friend of the court’ is legally defined as someone who is presenting facts to a courtroom. The mistake being that you’re not a name, you’re much much more and the name that they require is crown copyright. You wish to seek remedy in the way of proper notice just to be honorable, but how can they send you a proper notice when you’re a live human being, when they need to send it to a corporation?

So… what you do is, like, finding loops?
Mmmm, is it finding loops? No. Because the police swear to uphold the law. There is one law, which is common law. The law of the land. Rules of society, which are only given the force of law by the consent of the governed. So, if you really find out how not to consent to their silly game, cos it is but a game, then you can really have some fun.

So birth certificates… Are they like a barcodes to you or something?
They’re tools of slavery. You can’t tell the slaves all to wear a white band. They’ve created this thing called a straw man and when the straw man who had no brain went to see the wizard, a controlling banker behind the curtain, who wasn’t able to give him a brain and so instead he gave him a certificate. A name backs the value of the pound. Everyone knows we’re traveling towards a cashless society. So I’d rather live without money.

How have you lived without money?
Without a name I can’t claim anything. I’ve taken the full ticket out of the system. I’ve stopped using money. I found a fiver here in the tent the other day under the pillow, and it was no good to me, so I kept it in my pocket until I saw the the guy that gave it to me. When I gave it back, I said ‘ I can’t use this, by using that you’re enforcing slavery and creating more debt for your brothers and sisters’. It’s a bit far out but someone has to do it so people realise that you don’t need money. Money has never made anything. You can’t plant money, you can’t eat money. you can’t wear money.
I’ve learned how to live outside that perception and mindset . It’s a prison. A prison without bars, made out of paper. Money and statutory instrument. Pieces of paper controlling people. Where, as since giving up money, I can’t see anyone controlling me now.

I’ve learned foraging skills, which I wouldn’t have had time to do, if I was working. I’m finding out who I am inside. I also hitch and I go to festivals.

Where do you live?

I live in my body. I’m a spiritual being having a physical experience! LB

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