The Electoral Circus: Coke, Pepsi or Water?

Some actually take this spectator sport/election seriously and I just can’t help but be disturbed by it.

Some McCain supporters are getting excited because of his PR stunt (e.g. Palin) that has boosted his national popularity. It was even reported that when Palin left for Alaska the recent surge of crowds for McCain dwindled… noticeably.

But popularity doesn’t exactly win an election. We should know this by now.

When it comes to the polls by state and considering the electoral votes of the secured and swing states, Obama bin Biden will win.

But who cares? The two are nearly identical; their differences are akin to that between Coke and Pepsi.

Most Americans are concerned with the economy yet both candidates have the same view, which isn’t in line with the public. Where they differ is on foreign policy and it amounts to the Republicans opting for aggression from the get go whereas Obama bin Biden wants to put on a show before the finale.

What I am saying is you can choose between Coke and Pepsi, but you all know you should be drinking water…

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