The next generation of colombian paramilitaries

Things are moving fast in Colombia. I’ll try to get some things out here over the next few days.

I noted a few days ago that one of the key witnesses in the current Salvatore Mancuso hearings, Yolanda Izquierdo, was murdered. Just a little later, President Alvaro Uribe Velez threatened former members of M-19, a guerrilla group that went into politics at tremendous cost to themselves (many, many of them were murdered, many others imprisoned, and so on, while the people who killed them are free as can be, uninvestigated and unpunished), by calling them “Terrorists dressed as civilians”. Uribe was taking a desperate shot because his own links to paramilitaries are being uncovered.

A couple of days after Uribe’s “terrorists dressed as civilians” comment, various members of social organizations, unions, and alternative media folks received death threats signed by the next generation of paramilitaries, a group calling themselves the “Black Eagles”. So, we have one group of paramilitaries confessing, “demobilizing”, and “reintegrating” into society – giving them the opportunity to openly infiltrate every part of society – and another group “rearming” and eagerly taking up the slack.

I’ve published the threat email at the killingtrain. You’ll note it uses the exact same language as Uribe used.

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