The Onion: Subtly Subversive or Hypocritical?

I’ll forgo the pretense of working thorough a line of reason and admit I’ve prejudged what by many accounts is the rapidly becoming one of the most popular papers in the country. It’s true that the Onion does pretend that news is serious some specif articles, such as the VT about the after election comedown for Obomaniacs, are worthy satire and genuinely subversive, if mildly so. However, in the main the paper is just hypocritical: they know the media isn’t doing its job but rather than, as they have the opportunity, correct the problem they simple perpetuate it in the name of irony (seemingly the euphemism of choice these days). Let’s get diverted by another red herring, folks. Let’s keep on hounding the Fourth Estate until take some responsibility.

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