The Problem of Survival In America

I throw this out there and welcome responses.

I have a problem and the problem is this: regardless of what the movement is, regardless of the ability to create counter-structures, to create viable alternatives using cast-offs or news ways of looking at waste, despite attempts to create a sustainable, just, empowering world, it seems it always boils down to resources and the main access to resources is through money.

Who owns and controls the money supply seems to be a central choke point that few openly acknowledge on these pages.  Even attempts to create parallel structures to push aside the dominant transaction model must start with something and those ‘somethings’ almost always require money.

Unless one is independently ( a foolish word, I know) wealthy, has their own supply of money that is not entirely dependent on a paying job or a retirement that is in the hands of a corporation or a financially tottering government entity, one is always at risk and tied to the beast that must be changed.

To travel, to communicate with one another, to build anything of substance, appears to require money.

I am a sustainer because I believe these pages are beyond necessary; the information found here, the analysis, the give-and-take are some of the most powerful tools for individual growth there are, as well as being an antidote to the shallow consumerist drivel and psychological manipulation carried on by other media in a stupifying relentless assault on our common humanity.

But how do we get our own money, grow it and use it to blunt the corporatist take-over of the whole world?   

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