The Road To Nowhere

    Seeing that this Sunday’s New York Times advocated
    at length for the immediate withdrawal of the occu-
    pying military’s troops from Iraq – "without any more
    delay than the Pentagon needs to organize an orderly
    exit" (
"The Road Home," July 8) – perhaps it is worth
    remembering that, five years ago, there already were a
    hell of a lot of voices in this world — even in the largely whacked out fundamentalist republic of America — who opposed the invasion before it ever began, when opposing it really mattered

    Open Letter on the Declared Intention of the United States To Commit Aggression against Iraq   

Who no doubt would oppose a similar war of aggression against Iran — under ominously similar scare tactics and sexed-up lies.

And who also opposed the earlier aggressions against Afghanistan.  Against Yugoslavia.  Against the world.  Including you and me.

So you say you want to use military and/or other techniques of destabilization to remove a government, and you’d like to justify it by the conjunction of Lie A, Lie B, Lie C, … etc.?

Who do you call?

The United States of America.

Now why can’t the New York Times also call for an inquiry to be opened into the criminality of the individuals most responsible for these acts of aggression?  

If you can answer that one, you’ll also know why there is very little reason for hope that the United States won’t turn around and do it again.

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