The Silence

One or two sentences, no essay, no expounding on the evils of capitalism or other forms of concentrated power and wealth.

The silence here in the US is ominous, frightening. Perhaps this is only me sitting her at the keyboard wondering if anyone will speak up. Obama is a total sell-out. The Republicans are on full-throttle attack on everything humane–Social Security, Medicare—you name it.

The people are…


Yes, I want the people to say something, so perhaps this is my own arrogance of expectation. If the people choose to be silent, who am I to complain? Yet, I cannot but help to recall the Muasher Doctrine, as espoused by Noam Chomsky.

The people are under control; the people are silent; everything is okay.

Who am I to fret? The people are silent. Everything is okay.

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