The US is “surprised” at Afghan-Taliban Negotiations.

The US is “surprised” at Afghan-Taliban Negotiations.
Last week I noted about the French cable concluding our illegal war and occupation is already “doomed.”
It just keeps getting worse.
While we are busy propagating nonsensical excuses for our illegal wars and occupations of (Iraq and) Afghanistan; while Obama is saying we “dropped the ball” in Afghanistan; while our military leaders are calling for an escalation, the recipients (which also includes Pakistan and their American-provided gift of a Cambodianesque not-so-secret bombing) of our living Hell are trying to make peace.
What was our response to the talks? Surprise!
This is what kills me:
A U.S. defence official in Afghanistan told the paper the Bush administration was ‘surprised’ that it had not been informed about the meeting in advance by the Afghan government.
Gee, I wonder why we were not informed about the negotiations. Why would be excluded? Perhaps it’s because the participants already knew not to waste their time and that we would be "cool" to such diplomatic negotiations. (Remember the Taliban offers before and shortly after the bombing began in late 2001??? I do.)
Shit, the article goes on to explain that our ideal solution is to escalate the occupation by sending more troops! If I was having a dispute with someone who was openly hostile and talking about being more aggressive I would take that as a clear message that they are not interested in talking with me. I would ignore them too.

Let’s be honest: We’re not the kind of people who should be included in diplomatic negotiations for a peaceful solution. Think about what all we know about the Taliban and consider the depth of this: they negotiate for peace, we are ignored and escalate.

It must be real tough for many Americans to have to face the sad reality that we are bigger antagonists and belligerents than the Taliban. That has got to be hard to swallow but we will never extricate ourselves from this war (crime) until we do.

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