They’re Just So Primitive!

Finally! The Israeli mainstream media acknowledge the humanitarian plight at Gaza. Two and a half whole minutes were dedicated to shots, from the Al Jazeera network, of dead children and grown men crying. "How could you possibly misconstrued that?" You ask. Leave it to a dedicated team of newspeakers.

The main focus of the anchorman was that what is shown on Al Jazeera, is "not what we, Westerners are used to". He keeps repeating "It’s very graphic". And yes, it was very graphic. At first I didn’t get it. There was a man with an unconscious girl in his hands and a bunch of little kids running around him. This girl’s face was blurred out. So I naively ask my mom "why is she blurred and none of the other kids?" and mom told me that this girl is dead. As if in perfect timing, the anchorman adds "it wasn’t blurred in the Al Jazeera broadcast, but we thought this may be a little graphic."

To put the cherry on top of this 2 minute and a half piece of "journalism", they showed a grieving father saying something along the lines of (not a direct quote and limited by my translation): "Four children gone, only this one [pointing off camera] is left. Only Allah is left."

Condescending, leading, separative… the Israeli mainstream media at its best.

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