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  don't relate to single-Payer being Medicare–not imagining truths

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        As and the crimes against humanity by illegal invasion w N.A.T.O. forces continue the "aggression", the Pakistans supported by u-S hegemony (Pentagon's force & Congress's inadeptness at law abiding) disfranchisement has happened. What do you call the lack 'n lapses for CCjP not to call down the people of the publics in u-S, while the United Nations is placed on hold, as though the rest-of-the-world-does not exist, unless the legal black-box looks like Guantanamo Prison–an oasis in a foreign land protected by "hegemonic indiscrepancies" of trade is not diplomacy, but usury. What is your lack of expression called, Ken & Mark? That Pres. Hamid Karzai is "only suspect" of corruption in the ranks of autocrats or warlords need to come between the people of the tribes of Afghanistan those that overlap w Pakistan, and that ethnicity is not overlapping in Pakistan, Iran and elsewhere, but pushed by u-S hegemony, once again! AND the crimes against humanity: Pakistans supported by u-S hegemony, is more than Karzai's attempts at staying in the middle "geographically" not having to enterprise "muddled-Conditionalism" every minute" seems to be the caustic side of "there's a case here, you take id-Al to lower or higher paroxysms"? Or, the diplomacy is so "hegemonic that we need to go w what is said in dallience of healthcare liberalism that does not include where the "medicare: single-Payer" has gone.
         All the people of metro-Litttle-D, the populous and the elites, need to have thoughts that correlate "reality" of definition, not imbecilic correlative so necessarily. That no war exists so impunity can become an over-stuffed "black-Box" is so pradoxical that CCjP does not have to have people pronouncements, but can change to nudelies: online visuals so crafting their sex-Life into any sphere of benign interests, ultra-personal! Did anyone ever relate to Kofi Annan's speeches or was anarchism in 2008 DNC more important to "disfranchisement" of people on CCjP, I am asking? AND I have been asking, too, does NSDU-238 exist as first encumberment of "hegemony" or only maintains the second "nuclear-Molecular" despicability "thermo-Nuclears" in 49-silos on 24/7 in alert status– since implacement's one after-the-other? What brought de-Alert correlatives to metro-Denver, your lack in lapse of reading other's e-Letters on CCjP? We progressives feel an intimacy should have brought that to you, for sense: how broad the scope against not continually presaging ahead without "correlatives" regarding silos, de-Alerting, NSDU-238 to protect those 'silos' and the despicable cover-up by neo-Cons of electing g-Enron to a second term, while his counterpart Billy Clinton could have (should have) brought gHW Bush to law's respectable attribute. One of the most heinous "crimes" by-passed by lameo's uses of u-S Congress legislative Branch? Or, was that the "executive-Branch". Tell me, does the pea in brain still encircling hurt to pronouce these "populous" TRUTHS or was 1991 a lousy "vintage" year? Huh?

      The addendum(s) of military ripping-Off the tax-payers while "single-Payer: Medicare" was untouchable, never happened as I grew up expecting single-Payer, and hearing "Medicare" is not to be segregationist! Therefore the history of crime against-the-People was prescient since 1958, in case you forgot to ask on this "website"! Disfranchising is not lots of fun, and you want to support what, because: or, you have read that NSDU-238 is a standard that only encapsulates Strontium-90 being an isotope that makes for better sandwiches in Iraq, of merely Strontium-89? You've made a dEMS website and left the broadest scopes on socio-Polity allowed elsewhere not to be invited, too! The truth to you is a black-box yet to be discovered when health hazards from poking thru their death-syndrome and cover-ups: dusts of "9-11" are not merely toxins of pulverized body parts and bits of (C-4) cistick-Uses thermite, carousing around the gird-Lies (what I call my metals materials–sculpturing)! How do the people of Afghanistan "get" their HEALTHCARE? Do they announce an invasion by Cuba-medical-doctors or do they keep secret healthcare in that little black-Box buried in the minds of toxic-Ash at the foot of autocrats involvements with "cover-ups, deceits, more lies" of the u-S?

        dEMS of little-D Afghanistan is like disfranchising "hegemony" but gOPS the uses of abuses by gHW Bush's call in March of 1991, or whomever you think you're covering-up-for–maybe raw-Goon actor did make that call to annihilate 238,000 retreating "civilians and a whole 'army'"? Implausible, but the truths of 9-11 insider-Leaks, most possibly happened as the dust never cleared from one ground zero: that is testsites post NSDU-238 being hidden since 1943, and Manhattan Project covering the ground in dust of Manhattan Island "demised"is a correlative adjunct nonetheless? Do you people hear this refrain at all, yet? The cover-up had best be the leading edge of your never words lack-of-principle: addendum of principle.

          Afghanistan in the news…Greens and Socialists know best these topics in discussion pertain to "opium becoming heroin" and then "trade" w capitalist countries, is great cover by the "heroin triangle" of Laos (along the Mekong River southeast-Asia) for selling and maintaining "warlords" who protect decadence thru denigration of female populous. That governance by the jirgas in each "township" makes for a continuation of where people's heads are at, in direct relationship w "tribalism" because that is their forum of populous participation, better than ours unless we're morosely more democratic than not dissenting "against" NSDU-usages, because the secrecy finally came-Off the back burner of u-S politics equating "illegal-Invasions thru cIAS/Pentagons, since 1950" so-called war-Theory post wars-of hegemony and NSDU-238 cover-up "attrition" the Hegemonic call word of the 1960's? And who said the hippie movement was not "anti-War and anti-Banks, and anti-Segregation". dEMS and gOPS are too running scared. The challenges of Afghanistan have not been met by u-S "progressives" yet. Not in a summary, such as this one–or hopefully.

        Afghanistan and progressivism in the people is stronger in Afghanistan than in u-S:
 a) Afghan police: 10 dead in attack on UN in Kabul    (apeco filed) 10-28-09 by Rahim Faiez and Amirshah, Associated Press Writers – -Yahoo                    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091028/ap_on_re_as/as_afghanistan

b) DEM Now 10-28-09  Coordinated Attacks Kill 6 UN Workers as US Troops Suffer Deadliest Month of 8-Year Afghan War

c) DEM Now 10-28-09 UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Killings, Philip Alston: Record AfPak Drone Attacks Under Obama May Violate International Law

d) DEM Now 10-28-09 "A Woman Among Warlords": Afghan Democracy Activist Malalai Joya Defies Threats to Challenge US Occupation, Local Warlords

e) BACKING A REAL LOSER IN AFGHANISTAN Tuesday, October 27, 2009 Posted by Jim Hightower                    http://jimhightower.com//node/6971#at                                                           

f) Karzai's brother said to be on CIA payroll: report Tue Oct 27, 10:29 pm ET              

g) Afghan President Karzai's Fall From Grace (NPR audio report) Afghan President Karzai's Fall From Grace 10-26-09
        If democracy is not your prescience, then why are you running scared? Liberty in excess will only bring you back to democracy, or your dropping out for– autocracy to become the neo-Con's morose overtures of "belligerence", or the hegemonyites maintaining no-Reduction for disarmaments of thermo-Nuclear weapons, or NSDU-238 continuations the necessity for plutocratic-Propaganda enticements, more use! (how may I entertain you with peace)…
                         luv from the peace-Warrior, 
                                                                       "R" Addison

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