UML Will Have to Repent

UML Will Have to Repent and Later Apologize: Nepal Minister Gautam

May 14 – Bam Dev Gautam, a UML leader primarily, but, who is considered to be the real mastermind of the Thankot Police Post Attack during fag end of the rebellion and of the King’s rule in coordination with the Maoist Party, has all of a sudden begun criticizing his own party boss, Mr. Jhala Nath Khanal.“The history is the witness of this UML blunder, UML will have no option in the future than to repent for this Himalayan blunder and apologize to the people,” “Our party president Mr. Jhala Nath Khanal by retracting form his earlier decision to sack the Army Chief, is solely responsible for this political blunder”, Gautam added. Mr. Gautam, the deputy prime minister of the country mostly criticized his own party high-command in the course of his speech. “Without the Maoist support, no government will last more than six months period”, he predicted. “The UML is only destroying its future toeing the Nepali Congress line”, Gautam also said. … go to complete original article

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