USSF v G20 Protest in Aggregate Mainstream News

United States Social Forum, Detroit

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After 4 days of the event
headline: "Force or Fringe: United States Social Forum Vs. Tea Party" 11 related articles
headline: "Seattle’s love child? The US Social Forum in Detroit" 80 related articles
headline: "What the USSF, AMC, CS is going on? Detroit plays host to Social Forum, Allied …" 14 related articles

G20 Summit, Toronto

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After 1 day of the event
headline: "G-20 Protests May Continue After Day of Violence in Toronto" 1412 related articles
headline: "Police take over Toronto  streets for G20" 2900 related articles
headline: "Protests drain stands as Toronto  plays to scoreless draw with Galaxy" 102 related articles

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