Vancouver Protests New Israeli Ambassador to Canada

Last night, a cold, dark icy night, at the Jewish Community Centre in Vancouver, 25-30 activists joined together to peacefully protest the new Israeli Ambassador to Canada, Alan Baker and Israeli war crimes. uploaded image

Mr. Baker’s position against the National and Human Rights of Palestinians is well known. He has justified war crimes and daily massacres committed by the Israeli Occupation Forces against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Baker also served in the Israeli Foreign Ministry as a Legal Advisor where he was a top-ranking member of the legal team appointed by Sharon’s government to prepare the case against the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) ruling over the legality of Israeli’s Apartheid wall.

On January 26, 2004, just four days before ICJ proceedings on the legality of the wall began, Baker said this in an interview with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a pro-Israel lobby group:

“Israel will say that the whole question should not be dealt with by the Court. We won’t go into the substantial questions of whether the routing of the fence is permitted or not permitted, or legal or not legal. We are just going to deny the jurisdiction of the Court and the propriety of the Court taking up the whole issue.”

Last July the ICJ ruled that the barrier being built around the West Bank was illegal and should be pulled down.

“The International Court of Justice (ICJ), principal judicial organ of the United Nations, ruled that ‘The construction of the wall being built by Israel, the occupying Power, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and its associated régime, are contrary to international law’. We believe that the wall must fall as it represents a form of apartheid against the Palestinian people” said Vancouver StopWar coalition member Derrick O’Keefe

Below are photos of the protest organized by the Vancouver StopWar Coalition in solidarity with the Vancouver Palestine Community Centre.

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