Video “War is Peace” Projected on to Israeli Embassy, Ireland.

This is a video made up of a list of the signatories of an open letter compiled to support the demand that the Israeli ambassador to Ireland be expelled ‘until such time as there is a complete end to Israel’s war on Gaza and its continued slaughter of the Palestinian people.

The list is combined with Creative Commons footage from Gaza released onto the web by Al Jazeera.

It was projected onto the exterior of the Israeli embassy in Dublin on the evening of the 19th of January as a response to a ‘PR attack’ on Ireland by an Israeli Minister fresh over here from overseeing the slaughter in Gaza.

List of signatories to the call for the expulsion of Dr Zion Evrony from Culture&Conflict on Vimeo.

My signature comes at 7:51.

If you’re interested in signing, and people still are, click here and add your name.

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