War is Never Pretty

One of the more lighthearted things I do, as an artist, is pinup art. The pinup above is indeed one that I conjured up. I was having moral dilemmas when I was commissioned to create it, a month ago, and rethinking the situation: I just can’t have it in my shop anymore.

Being an artist, however, I do think it important to make a statement. And being that my work is featured publicly, I do think it important that I should take full responsibility for my actions. As such, here is what I’ve done:

  1. I apologize here and now for supporting violence and nationalism.
  2. I’ve graffitied this pinup to make a new statement of it. One, which I feel, is much more in line with my personal beliefs.
  3. I’ve erased the original pinup from my shop and put the new piece up for sale at my other art gallery at Imagekind. I’ve also erased the original from all social media sites and my hard drive.
  4. I erased all articles about supporting the troops from the shop’s blog. I support them as people, but not as the bloody hands of governments.

I’ve done all this under the belief that I should include my activism in all aspects of my life.

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