We Are the Dead

I’ve talked about the inhumane actions of the Israeli government, army and mainstream media towards the Gazans. I’d like to take a step back and talk about the complete disregard towards Israel’s citizens. (Don’t worry, I’ll go back to Gaza on my next post- it’s the reason I opened this blog, in the first place.)

We were dragged into this war (some of us kicking and screaming, some with violent vehemence and the majority dazed and confused) with promises that it would stop the bombings. This hasn’t happened and if it happens by the end of this "operation", you can be sure it’s due to a mass massacre.

There is no one in Israel who doesn’t know a soldier, most of us were soldiers ourselves. (I was drafted by the state and all I can say in my defense is that I didn’t know better at the time- feel free to ask questions about this.) Right now, there is a massive drafting of reserves.

I’m writing this post, because today the army managed to blunder twice. In two different incidences 4 Israeli soldiers were killed (unsure about number of wounded) by Israeli army fire.

What does the mainstream media have to say about this?
I was appalled and yet not surprised to hear the newscaster say things along the lines of "well, this is a part of war…" and while interviewing the commentator of matters of war, she said:

"We don’t want things like this to happen, we understand that they do, but what can be done to prevent it?"

What does the army have to say about this?
Zahal spokesperson, Avi Bnayahu, wasn’t at all apologetic and didn’t flinch when saying

"…these things will happen… you can’t get dizzy and have a studio debate about it…"

That’s right! In this so-called democratic country you can’t have a debate, on the news, about army blunders.

What do the dead soldiers’ families have to say about this?


"He is a hero of Israel, he is a saint of Israel, he fought the war of Israel."


"If you want to belong to this people, it’s not easy, it hasn’t been easy throughout history and you pay the price."

That’s the brother and sister of dead men teenagers. Boys not over the age of 21. This is free speech. And this is what they chose to do with it. We are the dead.

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