Wealthcare over Healthcare


Another day as the suffering continues.
The body count grows higher as more than 120 Americans die each day in deaths linked to not having health insurance.
Politicians say there is no reason to rush.
This is a true story.
A story close to me.
It is a story about needless suffering and the compassion of others to overcome.
It is also a story about needless suffering and the depravity of others to impose it.
It involves my employer.
And someone I know.
The employer says part-time employees don’t get benefits anymore.
This includes healthcare.
One of the reasons the employer changes their benefits policy is the cost of healthcare.
Another reason is that the employer is a city government and there is a budget deficit.
We can bail out banks, but not our own cities.
The part-time worker is a full-time mother.
Her five-month old baby son died of SIDS this past weekend.
She is visibly shaken.
She can’t even afford to pay for a funeral.
She has no insurance.
She only works part-time because the employer is currently not hiring for full-time.
Other workers send out the message of her predicament.
Enough money is raised in less than three days to pay for her child’s funeral.
Having a national health insurance policy probably wouldn’t have saved her son, but she would not have had to be put under additional stress over burying her child.
She is angry but her anger has not yet reached an industry that sees her and her children as commodities, if it will at all.
Mine, however, does.
I don’t mention this to her because she has more to worry about then hating United Healthcare.
This worker suffers needlessly because we live in a society that has wealthcare, not healthcare.
If you can afford service you get it.
The rest, like my coworker, are left to fend for themselves.

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