Weekend Scare Tactics

It’s been a week since the attack on Gaza began and the mainstream media has been thoroughly doing its job in serving the government. Here’s the cover of the weekend paper (from ‘Yediot Acharonot’, most widely read paper in Israel):

The title reads (to the best of my translation):

"The New Hamas- The arming, the fortification, the fire traps and the guidance from Hizbala. This is how Hamas turned from terror organization to an army."

The article goes on with several details:

  • Connecting Hamas with Iran intelligence.
  • The plans to abduct another Israeli soldier.
  • Further enlistment of "reserves".(?!)
  • A detailed description of weapons that are being developed.

The writing is a balanced mishmash of brutal details and a focus on how the lives of our soldiers are important to us, while they are holding classes to teach as many people as possible how to handle the bombs. That way "when one specialist dies, there are still enough specialist in the field to continue the mission." (Guess the Palestinians don’t love their children, too, huh?)

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