We’re Doomed

We're doomed.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is getting extensive corporate media press. They're threatening to not make donations or volunteer time to the Obama re-election campaign, but wait, don't worry, they will vote for him.

We're doomed. The Democrats, lead by President Obama, are poised to attack progressive government programs such as Social Security and Medicare. So, the worst thing that the so-called Progressive Change Campaign can do is to not volunteer or donate money. Apparently, they don't know that Obama doesn't care if they donate fifty cents. His funding will come primarily from Wall Street and other corporate and banking interests.

This group has the audacity to use the URL, boldprogressive.org.

Is this group funded by the Koch brothers as a strategy to divide the Left? Their proposal is embarrassingly whiny. "Mr. President, we're whining but don't worry, we'll vote for you."

How can we convince Alan Grayson to run for president in the Democratic primaries? We need to get rid of Obama and the "Progressive Change Campaign."

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