What right does the USA have to blow up foreign nationals in foriegn lands?


What right?
Imagine the scene, if you will:
Barack and Michelle Obama
blown apart
by a missile
fired from an unmanned drone
high in the sky
above Washington.
What right would any organisation
or any government have
to undertake such an atrocity?
Would we celebrate such an act?
Would the media see it as a victory
in the war on terror? Even though war is terror.
(The air strike hit a compound belonging
to Mr Mehsud’s father-in-law in the South Waziristan
village of Zanghara on Wednesdy. At the time, residents
of the village said only that the militant’s wife had been killed 
and several children injured.
Page 23, The Independent 08/08/09)
What right does the USA have to
blow apart
foreign nationals in foreign lands?
Is the USA at war with Pakistan?
Did the good people of the USA
vote for the assassination of
Baitullah Mehsud?
In what way had
Mr Mehsud’s wife
(I’m sorry I don’t know her name)
offended the good people
of the USA?
Who were the injured children?
Does it matter?
What right does the USA have
to bomb and blight the lives
of people across the world?
Have the good people of the USA
given their sanction for this?
Have the United Nations asked the USA
to do this?
Or is it just the usual
God Given Right?
(There were fears last night of a revenge
bombing campaign in Pakistan’s heartland,
and security was being beefed up in
major cities……The Independent, 08/08/09)

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