What’s Broken?

The workplace is broken. Politicians are rented and controlled by the people who own the workplace. Thus, government officials and politicians never speak about the broken workplace. Denial. Silence. The Silence of Power. The abuse of the public space by the silence of power.


The workplace is broken, and it's breaking the person, breaking the community, breaking the nation, breaking the natural world. Only we can acknowledge it, and fix it. How people relate to one another is determined largely by the structure and value systems of the institutions in which we are embedded. To change our relationships is to change the structure and value systems of our institutions, of our workplaces.


There is an urgency to examine the current crises: economic, environmental, and the violence of empire. Each of these problems are rooted in the structure of the workplace, the ownership and control of the workplace, and the value system of the workplace.


If we change the workplace, we can change the nature of ourselves, the nature of the community, the nature of the nation, and the drive for empire, and the nature of our relationship to the natural world.


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