What’s the point?

Fifty years ago the idea of sending a President pairs of shoes in protest of a war would probably have been met with clubs.

Obviously things have civilized.

So why is the world a chaotic hell hole where workers are dumped on, income inequality continues to grow out of control, the elderly are the most likely demographic to commit suicide, predatory capitalism ravages the world (more than 6 million Congolese have died so that multi-nationals can get high investment returns) and blatant acts of aggression (aka the "supreme international crime") can be committed with not one in nearly 200 countries utilizing their powers to bring this to the attention of the proper authorities (i.e. the UN Security Council) – true, our veto power would likely be used, but that’s beside the point?

In a nutshell, why is the world so damn cynical; why have so many given up?

Why are propositions – to express solidarity with a brave Iraqi man – met with replies of "what’s the point" or "why waste your time and effort"?

I suspect two things are in play here.

1) Some are apologists for our crimes and would rather assault the efforts on cynical grounds to avoid the unpleasantness of their immorality.
2) Some truly feel helpless and hopeless.

Pessimism and cynicism has never broken a chain or stopped oppression, and they never will.

I find sound wisdom in the old adage that "nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Do nothing and the prospects of success are zero. If we do something then we at least have a chance to leave behind some residue for future success.

I am optimistic that this act can be meaningful.

I don’t think President Bush will see the light. Personally, that’s not my goal.

My goal is to find ways to inspire people to care, to act, to stay committed; to get educated, organized and active!

Mr. al-Zeidi is sitting in some cell with a bruised and broken body for having the guts to speak out against the so-called "Leader of the Free World" and what are we doing?

They are living under a foreign occupation that has caused them misery we can’t even imagine. It would take thousands upon thousands of September 11th’s stretched out over years to even come close to their hellish experience, and considering our level of freedom and responsibility: What are we doing about it?

Stopping this war isn’t just about stopping the war no more than bringing Bush to justice is about bringing Bush to justice. We need more than Band-Aids.

Stopping this war is one of many tasks we face if we sincerely want to make and live in a better world.

Addressing this war and resolving it appropriately is also about addressing and resolving issues of sex, race, culture, class and political problems as well.

I know I am not alone when I say that when I close my eyes I swear to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that I can smell greener grass. I can feel the warmth of a more fair, just and equitable world bathing my skin.

There can be no escape from this Dystopia if we are cynics who assume nothing can be done.

As a parent I want nothing more than to leave my children something worthy to live in.

So with my feelings and thoughts exposed I propose this discussion be about overcoming cynicism…

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