When Aid is Destructive

Now, I’m all for rich countries giving aid to not so rich countries but….

I would be pretty fed up if I was a US taxpayer and I found out that $1 billion was being given to Georgia as a reward for an act of gross stupidity. What message does this send to the gung-ho president of Georgia? No matter what your folly – we will back you?

I would also be pretty fed up if, year on year, $3 – 4 billion of US taxpayers money was given to Israel so it could continue to act in a despotic manner with its neighbours. No matter how Israel behaves, it would appear that it can always rely on the US to bankroll it.

I think I would also be pretty fed up today if I lived in Haiti / The Dominican Republic and was surrounded by the wreckage from Hurricane Gustav and I became aware that my superpower neighbour was doling out billions in aid to countries on the other side of the world, to countries who are there own worst enemies, yet my own impoverished and wrecked country was not seeing any part of this great hand-out.

Professor Noam Chomsky has written extensively about the ‘harm’ that US aid can bring to countries – perhaps Georgia can now be added to the list that includes: Israel, Egypt, Turkey and Columbia


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