Where’s Tom Brady?

Probe says Israel didn’t win Lebanon war

"The head of the panel investigating Israel‘s 2006 Lebanon conflict said Wednesday that the war ended without victory and the army did not provide an effective response to Hezbollah rocket fire."

Wow, what a revision of history and narrow concept of armed conflicts.

They didn’t "win"! Tom Brady, the IDF needs your assistance. They need to "win" at their aggression. Please report to them ASAP!

While I agree with Finklestein that aggressors shouldnt succeed, I also think we should inspect the mindset of winning and losing in the context of militarism.

Can we imagine the justly outrage to this fictional headline:

Probe says Rapist didn’t win Rape of Woman

"The head of the panel investigating a 2006 rape attempt said Wednesday that the rape ended without victory and the rapist did not provide an effective response to the victims resistance."

Oh, the horror!

Hyperbole? Maybe, but we get the point.

Also, the "war" was not about stopping Hizbollah rockets. That much is abundantly clear to anyone with marginal insight into the "conflict." While the desire to assure resistance is meaningless is surely there it is not what this is about. But if we successfully limit our perceptions into the causes about such issues as disarming the resistance then we can provide a narrow model in which it is acceptable to proceed with: us good, them bad. No need for insights into history, international law and basic morals and values.

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