Why I’m Voting HADASH- Clearly

The elections in Israel are coming on the 10th of February and I’ve been doing my research since November. The war, became a major issue for me, come January, and any party advocating or disregarding it is erased, as far as I’m concerned. So to keep all you concerned outsiders up to date with what’s going on with Israeli left wing politics, here’s the list of my conclusions:

  • Meretz – This is where the majority of leftists go. This majority is confused and finds it hard to take a stand on issues. When the onslaught on Gaza began they were for it and then decided to humanely change their mushy little minds. Some of you may have heard me use the term "centrist jello"- I was referring to Meretz.
  • "The Greens" – Completely concentrated on issues of the environment, while their head is drowning in building permit scandals. Nothing to say about the attack on Gaza, by the way.
  • "Green Leaf" – Founded on the idea of legalizing Marijuana, under the wonderful premise of "my body-my choice". After some research, it’s pretty obvious that the party is run by a bunch of incompetents, that don’t have a clear view on anything, including Marijuana. Their new head said, in the forums, that he’s "for the operation in Gaza", even though #2 (whom by many is considered #1) is apposed.
  • HADASH – An acronym for "The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality". I actually heard about HADASH for the first time, in the "Green Leaf" forum, when one of the users, warned the party to "get your shit together or you’ll loose your votes to The Greens and HADASH". And so they did. HADASH’s platform is about equality for the Arab population in Israel, labor rights, women’s rights and the ever pressing issue of a two state solution. They were the first party to object to the onslaught and the only party to protest it, as a party- in the streets with the people. They live by their motto of coexistence, as they are a "mixed" party (Arabs and Jews).

So HADASH- clearly:


Strengthening HADASH’s Hand
Yesterday I posted about the "Strengthening the IDF’s Hand". I thought it to be the injustice of the day, but another injustice has occurred yesterday, and since it has to do with HADASH, this is a great time to show-and-tell:

What you’re seeing is the front page of "Haaretz". The circled title (to the best of my translation) is:

"In Arabic HADASH is with Hamas, in Hebrew it’s against the war."

The article is referring to HADASH’s two sites; The Hebrew site and the Arabic site. Apparently there’s an article on the Arabic site that quotes (translated by Ha’aretz):

"We are with the resistance everywhere."

Even though Yoav Stern, the author of this article, states:

"The term "resistance" – muqawama in Arabic – can be used to describe nonviolent resistance."

The article is focused on a none-existent discrepancy and, of course, HADASH’s "support of Hamas". This is just a suggestion, but maybe Ha’aretz should practice what it preaches and publish the same content for its own bi-lingual platforms (compare my translation to the title of the article published in the paper, and the English version of the title published in the English Ha’aretz, for example). And just to make sure my own integrity is not in question, I sent the link to my own Arab friends and they all say that the man who said these words, is known for the support of the non-violent palestinian resistance, and there’s no question as to what he meant.

HADASH Against Racism and Fascism

Up until today, I wasn’t planning on announcing my support for Hadash in public, but today, I’m truly proud of my party. If you’ve been reading my posts, you might have stumbled upon the following quote:

"…In the next Knesset, we will pass a citizenship law that will prevent the disloyalty of some of Israel’s Arabs…"

This atrocious racism was uttered by Avigdor Lieberman, leader (in the Orwellian sense of the word) of the far-right party, Israel Beitenu. This man is definitely the poster boy for nationalism, and for a minute there, he was Deputy Prime Minister. His latest election video can only be described as racist.

HADASH has joined the Arab parties in campaigning straight-forwardly against Lieberman ("the symbol of the worrying phenomenon of racism, washing over Israel" Head of HADASH) They’ve come out with a new slogan:

"HADASH – The Opposite of Lieberman."

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