Z Communications vs. Facebook

Today I received the latest call for support from Z Communications. My initial reaction was rather negative emotional.  I had the same reaction that I do to panhandlers or relatives who get themselves into trouble and come asking for money.  However, I decided to give Z a chance and read both the email and the statements on the web site explaining the reasoning for the fundraising.  

Why was my initial reaction so negative?

  • Z has a must have target of $150,00 and a desired target of $500,00.  As an individual, that seems like a lot of money to me.  If I had a fundraising for myself and achieve the lower target, I could wipe out my debt and have a nice buffer in case of emergency or becoming unemployed.
  • Z is always asking for money  … well not really, but it has the same fell as the panhandler I see frequently.He will always ask me for money.  I doesn't matter if I gave him some yesterday or told him no.
  • Where is the money going? It seems like Z may be spending a lot of money on developing this web site.  Why not use a pre-made CRM tool or have volunteers do the development?
  • Things are getting worse.  Even with a the Democrats winning congress and the presidency, the US military is being used to bully the rest of the world.  The US economy is not serving most of the population. The government is doing all it can to keep large banks profitable and doing very little for the majority of the population.  There is nothing serious being done to prevent environmental destruction. During the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the government was seemed to be spending most of its effort in running interference for BP and the other companies responsible for the spill.
  • The fundraising tactic was pretty negative.

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